Pin 1 of each port connector is used to provide a mute/unmute signal. The line must be connected to the appropriate point on an external CTCSS unit. The polarity of the signal sent to the tone unit must be selected as active high or low as required by the CTCSS unit otherwise the CTCSS operation will be reversed ie off when supposed to be on or vice versa.

Control overview – note it is assumed that a receiver with CTCSS decode enabled is being used when listening to controller output


The system can be configured to automatically enable CTCSS encode when IDs are transmitted be they CW or voice. If automatic generation is selected but is not required in a particular situation the facility may be overridden – macro functions 552 and 553. If automatic encode during voice/CW ID is not selected these same functions can be used within a macro to turn encode on and off.

Normal Operation

In normal operation, CTCSS will not be enabled by a system run macro (Scheduler / GT etc) but if the same macro is called via DTMF then encode will be enabled so that any message it contains will be heard. For example, if the macro contains a message but no function to enable encode, the message will not be heard when the macro is called by the system but will be heard if called by DTMF. Note that port steering rules apply.

Some examples:- (automatic encode during IDs disabled)

162 085 203 552 184 553 185

Speech Out Port 1|CTCSS Encode On|Play Message Macro 17|CTCSS During ID ON|Play Port 1 CW ID|CTCSS During ID OFF|Play Port 2 CW ID

Result when called by system or DTMF--- Message 17 is heard as is port 1 CW ID but port 2 CW ID is not heard.

162 203 181 184 185 156

Speech Out Port 1|Play Message Macro 17|Play Port 1 Voice ID|Play Port 1 CW ID|Play Port 2 CW ID

Result when called by system --- Nothing is heard         when called by DTMF message is heard.

162 085 227 116 117 203 184 185

Speech Out port 1|CTCSS Encode On|Good Mor/After/Eve|Say Time|Say Date|Play Message macro 17|Play Port 1 CW ID|Play Port 2 CW ID.

Result when called by system or DTMF --- Good Mor/Afer/Eve, Date, Time and message macro heard – IDs not heard.

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