Monitoring A Port from Other Ports

Any port may be selectively monitored by any other port. In the RC210, with multiple monitor commands you can create any combination of monitoring from port to port. This provides considerable flexibility in audio routing. Each of these monitoring commands is a one-way connection. In other words, if you select to monitor Port 2 from Port 1, activity on Port 1 will not be retransmitted on Port 2.

To create a two-way path between ports, you have two choices. You can either establish 2, one-way connections between ports or you could use the Linking Commands (this is explained below).

Assume you're on Port 1 and want to monitor activity on Port 2. Enter the command 1301 and a one-way connection is established, allowing the monitoring of Port 2 by Port 1. Now, activity on Port 2 is retransmitted out Port 1, but Port 1 is not retransmitted out Port 2. Of course you may also program Command Macros to establish the connections for you.

Linking Ports Quickly

You may also establish two-way connections (linking) between ports quickly and easily by using only one command. Likewise, you can also disconnect (unlink) ports using these commands. Of course you may also program Command Macros to establish the links for you.

Note: Even if you established port monitoring using the Monitor Commands above, you may use the Linking Commands to turn them off or modify them. In other words, the Linking Commands take precedence over Monitoring commands.

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